The Liceagas: Your California Realtors

Marta and Alfred Liceaga - realtors in  San Bernardino County, CA

Meet Alfred Liceaga

Alfred Liceaga's background was originally in construction. He transitioned into real estate when he began to purchase, repair, and flip homes. He has been in the real estate business for over 25 years and remains dedicated to serving his clients with great people skills and extraordinary dedication to his clients as both buyers and sellers.

Meet Marta Liceaga

Marta Liceaga was told early on that she'd make an exceptional realtor because "she has a conscience." She took that to heart, and for over 17 years has taken pride in being among the most skilled and honest realtors in California. Marta is patient and energetic and absolutely loves what she does. She's deeply passionate about putting families in the right homes. Marta can often get a turnaround of one week or better on most homes.

The Liceagas: a Real Estate Dream Team

The Liceagas have been married for 22 years and are the proud parents of two boys. Originally from Chicago, the Liceagas have moved as a family three times and can truly empathize with their clients because they know what you're going through.
Real estate is their passion. With their decades of experience, they're proudly serving second-generations of clients--parents are referring their kids to the Liceagas because they know the kind of people they are. Real estate is about family, and the Liceagas will treat you like family. Guaranteed.

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